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Texts lets you send and receive messages from all major messaging platforms:
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Privacy First.

Your messages never touch the Texts servers.

Texts makes money through a monthly subscription, not through your data.

Assisted by AI.

Multiply your productivity.

Chat summaries

Catch up quickly with automated summaries of the ongoing conversation.

Draft responses

Save time drafting a response with ChatGPT, integrated directly in Texts.

Translate your answers

Write a reply in your native language and let AI translate it for you.

A better inbox.

Keep your inbox organized, regardless of how big it is.

Search all messages

Find that link, document, picture or video from forever ago easily.

Archive conversations

Never miss a message again, but archive chats to hit inbox zero.

Mark as unread

Keep chats unread by default until you respond to them.

And much more.

Stealth ModeStealth Mode

Open and read messages without notifying the sender.

Send LaterSend Later

Schedule messages so they get sent when people are active.

Snooze MessagesSnooze Messages

Snooze people that you don't want to reply to just yet.

Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard Shortcuts

Move at the speed of light with our extensive keyboard support.

Dark & Light ModesDark & Light Modes

Choose your preferred color scheme to reduce eye strain.

Customizable UICustomizable UI

Define your own experience with custom CSS.

Supercharge your messaging.

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